Firm Profile

Gates, Winden & Associates, P.C. is a Certified Public Accounting firm with expertise in business tax matters, accounting, and business consulting.  Our firm is well established in the Tulsa community and a leader in statewide professional activities. 

Patricia S. Gates, CPA/MT and Eric P. Winden, CPA/PFS are shareholders of the firm.  With over 30 years of experience, each of them works directly with the firm’s clients in a trusted relationship to guide them through financial opportunities and dilemmas.  

Our professional staff includes three additional Certified Public Accountants, three accountants holding Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, and a seasoned paraprofessional. With tenure ranging from one to thirty years, these knowledgeable professionals are a tremendous asset to our clients.  They provide expertise in business entity taxation, accounting analysis, as well as individual income tax planning and preparation of tax returns.

Our firm assists clients with preparation of financial statements and tax returns as needed by the Internal Revenue Service and various state taxing authorities.  As tax and estate planning needs arise, we individually meet with those clients to provide those services. 

Clients of the firm represent a variety of sectors including health care services, legal services, manufacturing, engineering, real estate development and leasing, investments, retail, and oil/gas. Others are executives, retirees and individual investors.  

The goal of Gates, Winden & Associates, P.C. is to serve each client by providing pertinent and efficient financial guidance, compliance, and direction. 

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